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Mile Marker 103 - 103100 Overseas Highway #33 Key Largo, FL. 33037
Phone: (305) 453-3446 Fax: (305) 453-3449

Sunday: 9am-1pm
boat leaves at 9:30
Check-in at 8:45
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 8am -5pm
Boat leaves at 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM
Check-in  at 7:45am and 12:15pm


Sundays 9am - 1pm
(boat leaves at 9am, check-in at 8:45am)

Monday - Closed
Tuesday  - Saturday 8am - 5pm
(boat leaves at 8:30 and 1, check-in at 7:45 and 12:15)  

--------------------->**SHOP NOTE**<------------------------
In keeping with providing the best possible service to our guests, we will be closed from 21 Sept - 1 October for yearly maint/service to our boats/gear. Thanks for your understanding of our being closed this week.

Local Top 10 Update:
YES!! We landed in 2nd Place!!  Thanks to all of those who voted.  We appreciate your support and we will continue to be here and be your preferred dive shop in the Keys.  Dive on friends.

**Now offering classes in Spanish**

We invented & are the first & only shop in the Keys to offer FREE In-Water-Photo-Guided Snorkeling & Diving tours!

We don't just stop the boat & tell you when to be back onboard the boat, No! We get in the water with you, and lead you on a fun & photo-guided tour!
~ Plus you go home with a FREE set of the photos taken.

For Reservations - Please Call (305)453-3446  or

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Thanks for your understanding of our phone system, it's old-school!

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